Network Booting Raspberry Pi from OSX

The Magic Mirror that I’ve got has failed a bunch of times. Each time, the SD card has become corrupt and the mirror then hangs accusingly on the wall waiting for me to repair it. I’ve hidden away the keyboard. I need to unhang the mirror to access the SD card, and each time the wonderful mounting (a.k.a. masking tape) that holds the pi perfectly in place all needs to be redone. This is a pain. I finally decided to sit down and work out a way of managing the pi remotely – to complete ditch these pesky SD cards.

The end result? My mirror now has a raspberry PI v3, running without SD card, completely running from the network. To mess with the boot settings or the filesystem, I can completely do this from my comfortable workstation, remotely reboot the pi and it’s been pretty reliable (not perfect). The network service is all provided by my iMac, all via OSX without any software other than what’s built-in, or reputable open-source software. This setup is so much more comfortable to use.

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